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eFlora of India is an open-access online database of India's plant diversity conceived to make widely available updated correct data on the status of plants diversity of higher plants. This information otherwise, remains scattered in a wide array of scientific journals, regional floras. The portal "The Flora of India: An Annotated Checklist" provides the exhaustive information of 21558 taxa of angiosperms occur in India under 268 families and 2744 genera. The present database, also provides 1404 cultivated taxa, and a total of 1907 infraspecific taxa including 1518 varieties, 337 subspecies and 52 forma.

This application facilitates one to gain information regarding flora by family, genus, species and provide updated correct scientific name. It features to produce real time and useful information for scientists concerned with conservation management in specific regions of the country.

In-spite of all our efforts, we humbly admit that, in this voluminous work, some inadvertent errors in listing of names, nomenclature interpretation and (or) in distributions might be present. Therefore, constructive criticisms are welcome for further improvement of the checklist in subsequent editions.

Cite us: BSI (Year of access). "Taxon name" on Botanical Survey of India, Kolkata (date of access)

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