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Frullania evoluta Mitt., J. Proc. Linn. Soc. Bot. 5: 122. 1861.

Distribution: India [SK: West Sikkim, Khecheopalri ‘Catanperri and Catsuperii’ (Hattori, 1974); TN: Shembaganur, Kodaikanal (Daniels, 2010); WB: Kurseong (R.S. Chopra, 1938b)], endemic. Note: Mitten (1861) described this species from Eastern Himalaya ‘Himalaya orientali temperata’, without mention of any specific locality. However, as the species was based on the collection by Sir J.D. Hooker from the altitudes 7000–8000 ft., the type specimen most likely originated from Sikkim.
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