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Checklist of Plants of India

Fissurina incrustans Fée, Essai Crypt. Ecorc. 60, tab. 13, fig. 2. 1824.
Graphina incrustans (Fée) Müll.Arg., Mem. Soc. Phys. Hist. Nat. Genève 29(8): 47. 1887.
Graphis subnitida Nyl. in Leighton, Trans. Linn. Soc. London 25: 453. 1866.
Graphina subnitida (Nyl.) Zahlbr., Cat. Lich. Univ. 2: 427. 1923.

India (Kerala and Tamil Nadu), Brazil, Cuba, Dominica, Florida, New Zealand, Thailand. Pantropical.
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