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Frullania moniliata (Reinw., Blume & Ness) Mont., Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot. Ser. 2, 18: 13. 1842..
Jungermannia moniliata Reinw., Blume & Ness, Nova Acta Phys.Med. Acad. Caes. Leop.Carol. Nat. Cur. 12: 224. 1825.
Frullania breviramea Steph., Sp. Hepat. 4: 547. 1911.
Frullania moniliata (Reinw., Blume & Nees) Mont. subsp. breviramea (Steph.) Verd., Ann. Bryol. Suppl. 1: 80. 1930.

Distribution: India [KA: Kudremukh (Schwarz, 2013 as F. breviramea) KL: Vellarimala (Manju & Madhusoodanan, 2006 as F. tamarisci subsp. moniliata); SK: without specific locality (Mitten, 1861); TN: Nilgiri Hills ‘NeelGherries’, Dodabetta (Montagne, 1842; Mitten, 1861)], China (Piippo, 1990), Indonesia (Söderström & al., 2010), Sri Lanka (Long & Rubasinghe, 2014, and also as Frullania moniliata subsp. breviramea), Taiwan (Wang & al., 2011), Thailand (Lai & al., 2008). Note: Parihar (196162), in his census of Indian hepatics, listed Frullania moniliata subsp. breviramea (Steph.) Verd. [F. breviramea Steph.] from India orientalis. Recently, Schwarz (2013) reported it from Karnataka based on specimen collected by Pfleiderer in 1905 from Kudremukh and deposited in Herbarium, Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques, Geneve (G). The species has been treated variously by different workers. Verdoorn (1930) treated it as Frullania moniliata subsp. breviramea (Steph.) Verd., as also followed by Long and Rubasinghe (2014), while Hattori (1972) and Menzel (1988) treated it as Frullania tamarisci subsp. obscura var. breviramea (Steph.) S.Hatt. However, following Söderström & al. (2010), F. breviramea is treated here as synonym under F. moniliata.
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