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Chroococcus dispersus (Keissl.) Lemmerm., Ark. Bot. 2: 102. 1904; Desikachary, Cyanophyta 106, . 1959.
Chroococcus minor var. dispersus Keissl., Verh. K. K. Zool. Bot. Ges. Wien. 52: 311, f. 6. 1902.
var. disperses
Distribution : Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.

var. minor G.M.Sm., Wisc. Geol. Nat. Hist. Surv. 57(1): 28, t. 1, f. 3. 1920.
Distribution : Gujarat.

:var. minor G.M.Sm., is considered as synonym of Chroococcus minimus (Keissl.) Lemmerm. in However, following the concept of Desikachary, 1959 it is treated here as var. of Chroococcus dispersus (Keissl.) Lemmerm.

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