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Monotypic, from India to China and Indonesia.

Notes. Based on molecular studies, Kulju, Sierra & Welzen (Blumea 52: 124. 2007) merge this genus with Mallotus. The generic name Trevia L. (1753) has priority over Mallotus Lour. (1790). Kulju & Welzen (Taxon 57: 1358. 2008), has made a formal proposal for conservation of the generic name Mallotus against Trevia and it is still pending a decision.

The original spelling used by Linnaeus (Sp. Pl. ed. 1, 2: 1193. 1753) is ‘Trevia’, but later he inconsistently used both ‘Trevia’ and ‘Trewia’. All subsequent authors have adopted the spelling ‘Trewia’. However, Art. 13.4 of the present Code (2006) gives protection to the original spelling given in Species Plantarum, ed. 1 (1753) and therefore ‘Trevia’ cannot be altered.

Literature. KULJU, K. K. M., S. E. C. SIERRA & P. C. VAN WELZEN (2007). Re-shaping Mallotus (Part 2): Inclusion of Neotrewia, Octospermum and Trewia in Mallotus s. s. (Euphorbiaceae s. s.). Blumea 52: 115 – 136. SUSILA RANI, S. R. M. & N. P. BALAKRISHNAN (1998). Notes on Trewia nudiflora L. (Euphorbiaceae) and its varieties. J. Econ. Taxon. Bot. 22: 345 - 352, ff. 1 - 4.

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