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Trees or shrubs. Stipules adnate to or free from the petiole. Leaves simple, alternate, entire. Flowers terminal, usually solitary, bisexual. Perianth parts 9 - 21, usually 3 - 5-merous, subequal or the outer ones small and sepaloid. Anthers dehiscing introrsely or latrorsely; connective usually produced. Gynoecium sessile; carpels numerous or few, free or united at base; ovules usually 2 or rarely more. Fruiting carpels few. crowded, dehiscing along dorsal or ventral suture, sometimes woody and circumcissile, the upper portion falling away singly or in masses, with seeds remaining attached to a silky cord.

Tropical and subtropical regions of Asia from E. Himalayas to S. China, Malesia, S.E. North America, Mexico, West Indies and S. America; ca 120 species, 11 species in India.

Notes. The genus as circumscribed here includes the genera Talauma Juss. and Manglietia Blume.

Magnolia grandiflora L. is commonly cultivated, particularly in gardens of hill stations.

The funicle of the seeds lengthen by the uncoiling of the spiral vessels.

Literature. DANDY, J. E. (1950) A survy of the genus Magnolia together with Manglietia and Michelia. In: Camellias and Magnolias, Reb. Cont. 1950: 64 - 81. KENG, H. (1978) The delimitation of the genus Magnolia (Magnoliaceae). Gard. Bull. Singapore 31(2): 127 - 131.


1a. Petals variously coloured 2
b. Petals always white 5
2a. Flowers yellow 3
b. Flowers pink or red 4
3a. Leaves large, ca 60 x 12 cm; petals 6 5. Magnolia griffithii
b. Leaves small, ca 15 x 6 cm; petals 9 8. Magnolia hookeri
4a. Leaves tomentose beneath; petals pink; connective produced 2. Magnolia campbelli
b. Leaves glabrous; petals red; connective produced 7. Magnolia hodgsonii
5a. Perianth parts usually 12 6
b. Perianth parts never more than 9 7
6a. Flowers not fragrant; sepals reflexed; connectived not produced 11. Magnolia rabaniana
b. Flowers fragrant; sepals not reflexed; connective produced 9. Magnolia insignis
7a. Leaves ovate; fruits small 4. Magnolia globosa
b. Leaves elliptic-oblong; fruits large 8
8a. Petioles long; flowers large 10. Magnolia pterocarpa
b. Petioles short; flowers small 9
9a. Lamina glabrous; fruits club-shaped 6. Magnolia gustavii
b. Lamina tomentose on ventral surface; fruits globose 10
10a. Sepals red; stamens few 3. Magnolia caveana
b. Sepals green; stamens many 1. Magnolia andamanica

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