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Herbs, erect, annual or perennial. Leaves basal and alternate on stems, pinnately compound; lobes much dissected into linear filiform or oblong-elliptic segments. Flowers solitary, terminal, actinomorphic, scarlet, reddish, purple or golden yellow, rarely white. Sepals 5 - 8, petaloid. Petals 5 - 24, without nectar pits or glands. Stamens many. Carpels many, with short style; ovule 1, pendulous. Achenes clustered, angular, turgid or flattened, sometimes pitted, with persistent style.

Temperate regions of Europe and Asia; ca 20 species, 3 species in India.


1a. Leaf segments oblong-elliptic; flowers reddish brown or purplish brown 3. Adonis nepalensis
b. Leaf segments narrow, linear or filiform; flowers scarlet or golden yellow 2
2a. Auual belbs; leaf segments filiform; flowers scarlet or shades of scarlet, if yellow with a dark ceatre; acheftc beaks straight 1. Adonis aestivalis
b. Perennial herbs; leafsegments narrow, linear, flowers golden yellow, without dark purple centre; 2. Adonis chrysocyathus

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