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Herbs, perennial, small, tufted or diffusely spreading; roots fibrous; rootstock covered by old leaf sheaths, stemless. Leaves radical, sheathing, tri-paripinnate, the divisions 2- or 3-pinnatifid; petioles long. Scape 1-flowered, erect, leafy or naked. Rowers actinomorphic, white or with pink tinge. Sepals 5, deciduous, shorter than petals. Petals (honey leaves) 5 - 20, spathulate, each with a nectar pit in lower half. Stamens many; anthers long. Carpels many, shortly stipitate; styles minute; ovule 1, pendulous. Fruit a 1-seeded follicle, ovoid or oblong, shortly stipitate in subglobose heads; styles curved.


1a. Lamina of leaves deeply lobed; lobes dissected into slender linear segments 2. Calcallianthemum anemonoides
b. Lamina of leaves shallowly lobed; lobes spreading and fan-shaped or overlapping 2
2a. Radical leaves thick, rarely fully developed at flowering time; lobes overlapping 1. Callianthemum alatavicum
b. Radical leaves fully developed at flowering time; lobes spreading, fan-like 3. callianthemum pimpinelloides

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