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Herbs, annual, short, like Ranunculus in habit but lacking in adventitious root system. Leaves whorled, laciniately palmatisect into linear lobes. Flowers actinomor- phic, solitary. Perianth of 2 dissimilar whorls. Sepals 5. Petals (honey leaves) 5, yellow with nectariferous base. Receptacle elongated in fruit. Achenes characteristically gib- bous with empty pouches on either side of the seed chamber and with a long terminal beak, 2 - 3 times as long as the achenes.

Europe and Mediterranean regions, extending to Central Asia and W. Himalayas; 2 species, both in India.


1a. Beaks of achenes broadly falcate with empty-pouches far apart 1. Ceratocephalus falcatus
b. Beaks of achenes narrowly straight with empty poucbes close together and nearly touching each other 2. Ceratocephalus testiculatus

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