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Climbers, woody, shrubby or herbaceous, rarely erect or straggling shrubs; branches furrowed. Leaves opposite or fascicled at nodes, simple, 3-foliolate, ternately, biternately or pinnately compound; petioles and petiolules often twining. Flowers actinomorphic, bisexual or unisexual, solitary or in fascicles at the nodes or in axillary or terminal, few-flowered to many-flowered cymes or panicles. Sepals 4 - 6(-8), petaloid, uniseriate, free or jointed by interlocking marginal tomentum at lower part, white, yellowish, reddish or purplish. Petals absent. Stamens numerous, staminodal in female flowers; ftlaments glabrous or hairy. Carpels (3-)5 many, each with ole pendulous ovule; styles persistent, usually pilose. Fruit a head of sessile or stalked laterally compressed achenes, each with an elongated slender feathery persisteat style; styles plumose with long straight hairs, or rarely short, stout and without plumose hairs.

Cosmopolitan, chiefly temperate and subtropical; ca 250 species, 32 species in India.

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1a. Leaves fascicled at nodes 2
b. Leaves opposite 5
2a. Anthers densely bearded at back 5. Clematis barbellata
b. Anthers glabrous 3
3a. Flowers in axillary panicles of 3 - 7 flowers or solitary and axillary 32. Clematis zemuensis
b. Flowen in axillary fascicles or sometimes reduced to one 4
4a. Pedicels up to 2 cm long, tomentose, with 2 connate bracts above the middle 21. Clematis napaulensis
b. Pedicels 3 - 8 cm long, glabrous, naked 19. Clematis montana
5a. Branches with 6 ribs 6
b. Branches with more than 6 ribs 9
6a. Leaves 3- to 5-foliolate 12. Clematis grata
b. Leaves bipinnately or temately compound 7
7a. Stamens hairy 2. Clematis acutangula
b. Stamens glabrous 8
8a. Flowers solitary, axillary, blue or pale lilac 8. Clematis cadmia
b. Flowers in axillary panicles, white 23. Clematis puberula
9a. Filaments hairy 10
b. Filaments glabrous 21
10a. Branches glabrous or sparsely hairy 11
b. Branches villous or densely tomentose 15
11a. Petioles connate at base forming a broadly winged leathery expansion of nodes 9. Clematis connata
b. Petioles not connate or winged 12
12a. Leaves 3-foliolate 1. Clematis acuminata
b. Leaves 1- or 2-pinnately or temately compound 13
13a. Inflorescence 3- to 5-flowered or flowers solitaty, sepals notched or subtruncate at apex, glabrous along inner margins 13. Clematis graveolens
b. Inflorescence a panicle of 5 - several flowers; sepals acute or subacute at apex, pubescent along inner margins 14
14a. Leaflets long acuminate; filaments 2 - 3 times as long as anthers 17. Clematis ladakhiana
b. Leaflets obtuse or acute; filaments less than 2 times as long as anthers 22. Clematis orientalis
15a. Flowers solitary, axillary on long pedicels or terminal at ends of branches 16
b. Flowers in panicles, 3- to many-flowered 17
16a. Shrubs decumbent; branches erect; leaves pinnatisect; sepals glabrous inside, pubescent outside; filaments densely ciliate on lower half 26. Clematis tangutica
b. Shrubs climbing; leaves bitemate; sepals pubescent inside, glabrous or subglabrous outside; filaments Slightly ciliate 28. Clematis tibetana
17a. Sepals spreading 31. Clematis wightiana
b. Sepals erect or suberect 18
18a. Sepals conspicuously or inconspicuously ribbed outside 19
b. Sepals not ribbed outside 20
19a. Sepals 5 - 7 mm wide, narrowed at base; anthers twisted 7. Clematis buchananiana
b. Sepals 8 - 11 mm wide, broad at base; anthers not twisted 30. Clematis wattli
20a. Sepals hairy inside; inflorescence a panicle 14. Clematis grewiiflora
b. Scpats glabrous inside; inflorescence 3- to many - flowered 24. Clematis roylei
21a. Connectives conspicuously produced beyond anther lobes (somewhat slightly so in C. smilacifolia ssp. andamanica) 22
b. Connectives not or slightly produced beyond anthers 27
22a. Leaves 1- or 2-temate or temately cut 23
b. Leaves simple or 3-foliolate 24
23a. Leaflets elliptic-oblong 6. Clematis bourdillonii
b. leaflets ovate-lanceolate 15. Clematis hedysarifolia
24a. Sepals hairy inside 25
b. Sepals glabrous inside 26
25a. Leaves simple; leaflets acute or obtuse; sepals golden brown villous inside, not ribbed outside 10. Clematis fulvicoma
b. Leaves 3-foliolate; leaflets with narrowly drawn out apex; sepals white velvety inside, ribbed outside 3. Clematis andersonii
26a. Leaves usually simple or very rarely 3-foliolate; filaments not constricted below anthers 25. Clematis smilacifolia
b. Leaves 3-foliolate, sometimes simple near flowering region; filaments constricted just below anthers 20. Clematis munroiana
27a. Flowers solitary axillary 29. Clematis tongluensis
b. Flowers in 1-many-flowered inflorescence 28
28a. Branches glabrous 29
b. Branches villous or appressed hairy 30
29a. Inflorescence a panicle, coycred by scales near base; plants of N.B. India 18. Clematis meyeriana
b. Inflorescence axillary or terminal, 1 - 3-flowered, not covered by such scales; plants of Nilgiri hills in Peninsular India 27. Clematis theobromina
30a. Leaves bipinnate or bipinnatisect 11. Clematis gouriana
b. Leaves simple, 3-lobed or 3- to 5(-7)-foliolate 31
31a. Flowers 1 cm or less in diam. 4. Clematis apiculata
b. Flowers 2 - 5 cm in diam. 16. Clematis heynei

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