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Dichrocarpum Wang & Hsiao

Perennial herbs; stems surrounded at base with fleshy scales. Leaves palmately compound, rarely ternately 5 - 15-foliolate. Flowers actinomorphic, in terminal scapes longer than leaves, leafy at top, a dichasium but usually reduced to a single flower. Sepals 5 - 6, petaloid, deciduous. Petals nectariferous, long-clawed with shorter blade. Stamens 10 or more. Carpels 2, connate at base. Follicles constantly 2, connate at base, erect at first, later much divaricate, spreading, borne on a slender pedicel thickened at base.

Temperate Himalayas and E. Asia; 16 species, one in India.

Literature. TAMURA, M. & L. A. LAUENER (1968) A revision of Isopyrum, Dichrocarpum and their allies. Notes R. Bot. Gard. Edinb. 28: 267 - 273.

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