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Creeping herbs, without proper stems; rootstock with many long articulating stolons; roots fibrous. Radical leaves oblong or orbicular, 3-lobed. Flowers solitary on scapes. Sepals 5, turning brown and withering or caducous. Petals 5 - 10, yellow, deciduous. Stamens many. Carpels many. Achenes thin, numerous on rounded or oblong capitula, with striations on surface. Seeds thin, with papery surface.

Temperate Eurasia and N. America; 7 species, 2 in India.


1a. Leaves orbicular, crenately incised; achenes 80 - 130, on oblong capitulum 1. Halerpestes sarmentosa
b. Leaves oblong, tridentate, variously lobed or deeply incised; achenes 40 - 50, on roundish capitulum 2. Halerpestes tricuspis

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