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Herbs, perennial; stems branched, erect or rambling. Leaves pinnate or ternate with 3 - 7 leaflets, often repeatedly ternatisect with numerous leaflets; petioles sheathing or auricled or stipitate at base; stipels often present. Flowers small, actinomorphic, erect or pendent in diffuse racemes or panicles, rarely few-flowered, axillary, bisexual or sometimes polygamous and plant dioecious. Sepals 4 - 5, inconspicuous or petaloid, greenish or yellowish-white or purplish. Petals absent. Stamens 5 - many, conspicuous. Carpels (1-) 5 - 10; ovule 1 in each, pendulous. Achenes sessile or stalked in heads, ribbed, margined or winged; styles persistent or caducous.

Temperate and alpine regions of N. Hemisphere; ca 150 species, 21 in India.

Literature. LECOYER, J. C. (1885) Monographie du genre Thalictrum L. Bull. Soc. Bot. Belge 24: 78 - 324, tt. 2 - 5.


1a. Leaves simple, simply ternate or 3-foliolate 2
b. Leaves biternately or pinnately compound or decompound 4
2a. Achenes sessile 4. Thalictrum dalzellii
b. Achenes stalked 3
3a. Stipules adnate to petiole 11. Thalictrum obovatum
b. Stipule free 21. Thalictrum virgatum
4a. Plants usually not more than 30 cm high 5
b. Plants more than 30 cm high 8
5a. Achenes many, more than 12; beak long, straight, hooked at tip 18. Thalictrum saniculiforme
b. Achenes few, less than 12; beak short, not hooked at tip 6
6a. Stems surrounded by scales at base; flowers 2 - 3, axillary 20. Thalictrum squamiferum
b. Stems not surrounded by scales at base; flowers many in racemes or panicles 7
7a. Stems very short, up to 10 cm long; leaves all or mostly radical; flowers in racemes; stigma not incurved 1. Thalictrum alpinum
b. Stems longer, up to 30 cm long; leaves radical and cauline; flowers in panicles; stigma incurved 5. Thalictrum elegans
8a. Anthers beaked, apiculate or mucronate 9
b. Anthers without beak or mucro at apex 16
9a. Achenes sessile 10
b. Achenes short or long-stalked 12
10a. Flowers polygamous; anthers beaked; achenes usually 2 - 5 8. Thalictrum foliolosum
b. Flowers bisexual; anthers apiculate; achenes more than 5 11
11a. Herbs glandular pubescent 7. Thallctrum foetidum
b. Herbs not glandular pubescent 10. Thalictrum minus
12a. Achenes with stalks as long as or longer than achenes 13
b. Achenes with stalks much shorter than achenes 15
13a. Leaflets 3 - 5 mm in diam.; achenes abruptly deflexed against stalk 17. Thalictrum rutifolium
b. Leaflets more than 1 cm in diam.; achenes not so deflexed 14
14a. Flowers ca 2.5 cm across, pink, lilac or purple in dense rigid panicles 2. Thalictrum chelidonii
b. Flowers less than 1.5 cm across, greenisb white, in lax weak panicles 15. Thalictrum reniforme
15a. Panicles laxly many-flowered; flowers ca 2 cm across, greenish white 3. Thalictrum cultratum
b. Panicles 1- to few-flowered at ends of branches; flowers less than 1 cm across, purpnish 19. Thalictrum secundum
16a. Achenes sessile 17
b. Achenes stalked 19
17a. Beaks of achenes long, hooked at tip 14. Thalictrum punduanum
b. Beaks of achenes short 18
18a. Achenes ca 3 mm long; veins not prominent 6. Thalictrum falconeri
b. Achenes ca 6 mm long, strongly ribbed 9. Thalictrum Javanicum
19a. Flowers greenish 13. Thalictrum platycarpum
b. Flowers white 20
20a. Leaflets membrabnous, ca 3 cm broad 12. Thalictrum pedunculatum
b. Leaflets thick, 0.6 - 1.5 cm broad 16. Thalictrum rostellatum

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