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Herbs, perennial, erect, glabrous; rootstock stout, clothed at apex with fibres; stems simple. Leaves palmatisect, mostly basal. Flowers terminal, solitary, actinomorphic, up to 5 cm across, yellow. Sepals 5 - 8, petaloid. Petals (honey leaves) 10 - 12 (rarely 3 - 4), very small, obovate, with nectar pit above basal claw, equalling or shorter than stamens. Stamens numerous. Carpels many. Follicles membranous, with prominent beak; seeds many, in 2 series.

N. temperate and arctic regions; ca 25 species, 3 species in India.

Literature. DOROSZEWSKA, A. (1974) The genus Trollius Linn. A taxonomic study. Monogr. Bot. (polsk.) 41: 167.


1a. Nectariferous staminodes short-clawed, thin along upper edges 1. Trollius acaulis
b. Nectariferous staminodes long-clawed, thickened along upper edges 2
2a. Leaf segments distinct, with apiculate serratures 2. Trollius farreri
b. Leaf segments overlapping, with scarcely apiculate serratures 3. Trollius pumilus

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