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Trees or shrubs, evergreen or deciduous. Stipules adnate to or free from petiole. Leaves spirally arranged, coriaceous, closely reticulate, glabrous or pubescent on nerves beneath; stipules adnate to or free from the petiole; petiole with a stipular scar or not. Flowers axillary or subaxillary on short small-leaved shoots or very rarely terminal, solitary or paired, bisexual, fragrant. Perianth parts 6 - 21 in 2 or more series, 3 - 6-merous, not differentiated into sepals and petals, mostly subequal. Stamens 20 or more, many-seriate, flat; anthers introrse or latrorse, dehiscing laterally or sublaterally; connective produced into an appendage. Gynoecium stipitate; carpels numerous or few, rarely one, usually free, sometimes concrescent; ovules 1 - 2 or rarely more in each carpel; style subulate, decurrent. Fruiting carpels free or rarely concrescent, laxly spaced on an elongate spike, dehiscing along dorsal suture or rarely tardily irregularly dehiscent with the fleshy carpels rotting away, leaving cartilaginous hook-like midribs, persistent on axis. Seeds 1 or more in each carpel, pendulous by a long elastic stalk.

Subtropical and temperate Asia from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar to China, Japan, Thailand and Malesia; ca 50 species, 12 species in India.

Notes. The genus as circumscribed here includes the genera Alcimandra Dandy and Paramichelia Hu.

Literature. HU, CHANG-CHIH (1940) Paramichelia, a new genus of Magnoliaceae. Sunyatsenia 4: 142 - 145.


1a. Perianth parts always more than 4 cm long 2
b. Perianth parts usually less than 4 cm long 5
2a. Petioles glabrous; lamina of leaves ovate-lanceolate 4. Michelia doltsopa
b. Petioles velutinous; lamina of leaves elliptic to lanceolate 3
3a. Perianth parts always more than 12; filaments short 11. Michelia velutina
b. Perianth parts usually 9 - 12; filaments up to 3 cm long 4
4a. Leaves 9-13 x 4 - 5 cm;pedicels ca 2 cm long 2. Michelia cathcartii
b. Leaves 15 x 3.7 cm; pedicels ca 6 mm long 12. Michelia wardii
5a. Carpels few, never more than 5 5. Michelia glabra
b. Carpels many, always more than 5 6
6a. Leaves 4 - 6 cm broad, shiny above 9. Michelia oblonga
b. Leaves less tban 4 cm broad, not shiny above 7
7a. Leaves ovate-Ianceolate, all or for greater part widest below the middle; fruitlets oblong 3. Michelia champaca
b. Leaves not ovate, for greater part widest above the middle; fruits roundish 8
8a. Leaves quite glabrous; perianth parts linear-oblong 6. Michelia kisopa
b. Leaves with indumentum on lower surface; perianth parts broadly ovate-oblong 9
9a. Lamina of leaves more than 15 cm long 10
b. Lamina of leaves 10 - 15 cm long 11
10a. Branchlets glabrous; leaves firmly coriaceous; perianth parts 9 7. Michelia mannii
b. Branchlets rusty tomentose; leaves membranous; perianth parts more than 15 1. Michelia baillonii
11a. Branchlets brownish tomentose; leaves elliptic; species of W. Ghats of Pen. India 8. Michelia nilagirica
b. Branchlets red-silky; leaves obovate; species of N.E. India 10. Michelia punduana

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