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Trees, shrubs or herbs; laticifers not reticulated, with clear or reddish and often scanty (or absent) latex; indumentum stellate or lepidote. Leaves alternate, simple or palmately lobed, sometimes pellucid-punctate; petiole with or without apical paired glands; stipules present or absent. Inflorescences terminal or axillary, racemose or spicate. Male flowers: sepals mostly 5, imbricate to valvate, free; petals 5, imbricate, sometimes absent; disc annular or dissected; receptacle often villous; stamens 3 - 400, filaments free, often inflexed in bud; anthers muticous; pollen grains globose, inaperturate, sexine with Croton-pattern; pistillode absent. Female flowers: sepals 4 - 7 (-10), free, sometimes accrescent, imbricate or reduplicate-valvate; petals 5, mostly reduced or obsolete; ovary mostly 3-locular; styles free or nearly so, once to several times bifid. Fruits capsular; seeds carunculate; testa dry; endosperm copious.

Tropical and subtropical America, Africa and Asia, 4 genera; 2 in India.


1 a. Filaments distinctly inflexed in bud; petals reduced or absent in female flowers 35. Croton
b. Filaments not inflexed in bud; petals present in female flowers 36. Paracroton

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