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Michelia wardii Dandy in J. Bot. 65: 222. 1929.

Large trees. Leaves oblanceolate, narrowly oblong to elliptic-oblong, decurrent into petiole at base, acuminate to acute at apex, glabrous above, glaucescent and glabrous to thinly adpressed pubescent on nerves beneath; petioles ca 1.2 cm long; stipules adpressed grey-tomentose; peduncles ca 6 mm thick. Perianth parts 9 - 12, cream-coloured, 3 - 6.5 cm long, pubescent outside. Carpels numerous, adpressed pubescent when young.

Fl. & Fr. July - Sept.

Distrib. India: Arunachal Pradesh.

China (Tibet).

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