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Trees, shrubs or herbs, monoecious or less commonly dioecious; stems with articulated and/or non-articulated laticifers; latex clear, white or reddish; indumentum simple, sometimes glandular. Leaves entire or palmately lobed or partite, usually with glands at apex of petiole; stipules persistent or caducous. Inflorescences terminal and sometimes axillary as well, dichasialpaniculate, sometimes reduced. Male flowers: sepals usually 5, distinct, imbricate; petals 5, free or sometimes connate or coherent; disc entire or lobed; stamens (6 -) 8 - 30, filaments partly connate; pollen grains globose, binucleate, inaperturate, sexine with Croton-pattern; pistillode present or absent. Female flowers: sepals 5 (or 6), free, imbricate, somewhat persistent in fruit; disc annular, lobed or dissected, sometimes with staminodes; ovary mostly 2 - 3-locular; styles unlobed or bifid, sometimes dilated. Fruits capsular or drupaceous; seeds carunculate or ecarunculate, endosperm present.

Tropical America, Africa and Asia, 7 genera; one in India.

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