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MANIHOTEAE (Müll.Arg.) Pax

Trees, shrubs or herbs, monoecious (rarely dioecious); laticifers articulated; latex white; indumentum simple, sometimes with stinging hairs. Leaves alternate, mostly palmately lobed or dissected; petioles glandular or stipellate at apex; stipules usually present. Inflorescences terminal or pseudo-axillary, mostly racemose-paniculate or dichasial-paniculate, usually bisexual; flowers apetalous. Male flowers: calyx united, 5-lobed; lobes imbricate, more or less petaloid; disc intrastaminal or extrastaminal; stamens 8 - 10 (- 25); filaments free or connate; pollen grains globose, 3-nucleate, periporate, with Croton-type sexine; pistillode present or absent. Female flowers: sepals 5, sometimes caducous; disc annular; ovary 3 (- 5)-locular; styles free, mostly multifid or lacerate, rarely bifid. Fruits capsular; columella often persistent; seeds carunculate; testa dry.

Native of New World tropics, 2 genera; one in India.

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