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Trees or shrubs. Flowers bisexual, axillary, leaf-opposed or terminal, solitary or fascicled. Sepals 3, small, valvate. Petals 6 (3 + 3), valvate, coriaceous; outer ones lanceolate or ovate, concave at base, fleshy; inner ones rudimentary or absent. Stamens numerous; anthers narrow, dorsal, ovoid at top of the connectives. Carpels many, subconnate; ovule 1, erect, basal; style oblong. Ripe carpels confluent into a many- loculed ovoid or globose fruit, sometimes with spines. Seeds many, enclosed by a membranous aril.

India, Africa, Central America, S. America and West Indies; ca 110 species, 5 species in India. Widely cultivated throughout the tropics.


1a. Petals 6, the inner 3 conspicuous 2
b. Petals 3, inner rudimentary or absent 3
2a. Fruits smooth 2. Annona glabra
b. Fruits muricate 3. Annona muricata
3a. Leaves elliptic, velvety outside; fruits smooth 1. Annona cherimola
b. Leaves oblong or lanceolate, almost glabrous; fruits not smooth 4
4a. Leaves acuminate; fruits reticulate, areolate 7. Annona reticulata
b. Leaves obtuse; fruits tuberculate 5. Annona squamosa

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