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Decaisnea Hook. f. & Thomson, nom. cons.

Erect shrubs; stems with large scars of fallen leaves. Leaves pinnately compound, with petioles jointed at base. Inflorescences racemose. Flowers unisexual; pedicels slender. Sepals 6, subimbricate, in 2 rows, lanceolate, long acuminate, petaloid. Petals absent. Male flowers: Stamens 6, connate into a column; anthers oblong, with subulate connectives. Female flowers: Staminodes 6, small, free; carpels 3, subsessile, oblong, one or all maturing into fruits; stigma sessile; ovules many, 2-seriate. Fruits follicular, fleshy, each with numerous seeds in 2 rows embedded in fleshy pulp.

N. E. India, E. Himalayas and W. China; 2 species, one in India.

Literature. BALAKRISHNAN, N.P. (1966) Proposal to conserve the generic name 2551 Decaisnea Hook. f. & Thoms. (Lardizabalaceae). Taxon 15: 334. SWAMY, B. G. L. (1953) Some observations on the embryology of Decaisnea insignis Hook. f. & Thoms. Proc. Natl. Inst. Sci. India 19: 307 - 310.

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