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Euryale Salisb.

Annual or short-lived perennial herbs with submerged and floating juvenile leaves, and densely prickly and strongly venose adult floating leaves. Rhizomes short, thick, erect, with leaves and flowers arranged in distinct spirals; vegetative buds absent. Flowers on densely prickly peduncles, partially submerged; sepals, petals and stamens epigynous, arranged on a broad rim along distal outer margin of cup-like depression of ovary. Sepals 4. Petals ca 25, innermost few transitional to stamens. Stamens numerous in fascicles, inflexed, dorsiventrally flattened; outer ones spathulate with broader filaments and reduced anthers; inner ones spathulate with narrower filaments and longer anthers; anther-sacs partially sunken in outer stamens. Ovary 7 - 12-loculate, with a cup-like depression above formed by radiating curvate stigmas; stigmatic appendages absent. Ovules 2 - 3 in each locule, at length usually one by abortion; placentation parietal. Berry 8 - 20-seeded.

Monotypic; in fresh water tanks, lakes and swamps in India, Bangladesh, Japan, Taiwan, China and Ussuri in Russia. Also reported from Pleiocene and later deposits in Europe.

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