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Anemone geum A. Leveille in Bull. Acad. Georg. B. 25: 25. 1915.A. obtusifolia var. ovalifolia Bruehl in Ann. R. Bot. Gard. Calc. 5: 78. 1896. A. ovalifolia (Bruehl) Hand.-Mazz., Symb. Sin. 7: 315. 1931.

Herbs, more or less villous. Scapes elongate and upright or short, ascending or procumbent. Leaves ovate, cordate, trisect or trifoliolate, 1 - 2.5 cm long; petioles 2 - 3 times as long. Sepals 5, 5 - 8 mm long, slightly longer than the androgynoecium, yellow, bluish near the base. Carpels hairy, but some glabrous. Achenes much compressed, softly hairy.

Fl. & Fr. July - Aug.

Distrib. India: Himalayas in Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh.

Nepal and W. China (S. Tibet).

Notes. Some authors treat this species as a synonym of A. obtusiloba D. Don.

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