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Anemone polycarpa W.E. Evans in Notes R. Bot. Gard. Edinb. 13: 154. 1951. A. rupestris auct. non Wallich; Hook. f. & Thomson in Fl. Brit. India 1: 9. 1872, p.p. A. obtusiloba subsp. saxicola Bruehl in Ann. R. Bot. Gard. Calc. 5: 78, t. 105c, ff. 11 - 13. 1896.

Herbs, somewhat hairy; rootstock stout, fibrous. Leaves deeply lobed, glabrous; radical leaves 3-partite; segments narrow; petioles very long. 2 - 6 times the length of the lamina. Scapes erect, 1 - 3-flowered; pedicels with a whorl of dissected leaves at middle. Flowers golden yellow,solitary, terminal. Sepals elliptic. 2 - 3 times as long as the filaments and carpels. Achenes glabrous or with a few sparse rigid hairs; beak slightly curved at apex.

Fl. & Fr. July - Sept.

Distrib. India: Sikkim.

Nepal, Bhutan and W. China.

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