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Popowia helferi Hook. f. & Thomson in Fl. Brit. India 1: 69. 1872.

Small spreading trees; branches coarsely hairy. Leaves narrow-oblong, rounded or suboblique at base, abruptly acute or obtusely acuminate at apex, 8 - 12 x 4 cm, glabrous above, puberulous on the midrib beneath; petioles ca 2 mm long, subpilose. Flowers extra-axillary, minute, globose; peduncles 2 - 6 mm long, tomentose. Sepals 3, ovate, strigose. Petals 6 (3 + 3); outer petals smaller than inner ones, ovate, strigose; inner ones orbicular, concave, densely strigose, inflexed at tip. Stamens 15. Carpels 6, densely strigose; ovule solitary, subbasal.

Fl. April.

Distrib. India: Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Endemic and rare.

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