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Anamirta Colebr.

Large lianas, glabrous. Leaves not peltate, palmately nerved at base with hairy domatia in axils of nerves. Inflorescence usually caulillorous (staminate ones sometimes axillary), paniculate. Male flowers: pedicellate; sepals 6, concave, imbricate; outer 2 minute; inner ones 6 (3 + 3), imbricate. concave, larger, reflexed; petals absent; synandrium shortly peduncled, globular, with clusters of 30 - 35 transversely dehiscing anthers. Female flowers: sepals as in male; staminodes 6 - 9, in one whorl, minute, clavate; carpels 3 (-4); gynophore central, conical, elongating in fruit; stigma recurved. Drupes subreniform, globose, somewhat compressed, dorsally gibbous, on terminal divergent 3-fid gynophore, with thin pericarp; endocarp woody, reticulate on surface, with 2 small sublateral perforations on the ventral (concave) side, deeply intrusive; condyle bilobed. Seed globose, embracing a subglobose hollow intrusion of endocarp; endosperm copious, of horny granules; cotyledons divaricate, much larger than radicle, narrowly oblong, thin, spreading.

India, Sri Lanka, Indo-china to Malesia; monotypic.

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