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Coscinium Colebr.

Large lianas. Leaves often peltate, palmately nerved, white tomentose beneath. Inflorescences supra-axillary or ramiflorous peduncled racemes bearing more or less globose heads of flowers. Male flowers: sepals 9, imbricate, in 3 whorls, sericeous outside; petals absent; stamens 6, outer 3 free, with 1-locular anthers; inner 3 connate with 2-locular latrorse anthers. Female flowers: sepals as in male flowers; staminodes 6; carpels 3, densely pilose; style filiform, recurved. Drupes subglobose, on globose gynophore, finely tomentose or tomentellous; scale-scar sublateral; endocarp with anastomosing, fibrous ridges; condyle thickly clavate, intrusive. Seeds subglobose, peltate. enclosing the condyle; cotyledons folded, divaricate, surrounded by endosperm.

India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam to W. Malesia; 2 species, one in India.

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