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Cananga (DC.) Hook. f. & Thomson, nom. cons.

Tall trees. Leaves large. Flowers bisexual, solitary or fascicled on short axillary peduncles. Sepals 3, ovate or triangular, valvate. Petals 6 (3 + 3), valvate, flat, strap-shaped, subequal or inner ones smaller, yellow, several-veined, fragrant. Stamens ca 3 mm long, many, linear; anther-thecae extrorse; connectives produced to an acute end. Carpels many, oblong; ovules numerous, 2-seriate; style slender; stigma subcapitate. Ripe carpels many, stalked or sessile, oblong, pulpy. Seeds many in 2 rows, pitted, sending spinous processes into the ruminate endosperm.

Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Indo-china, Thailand to Malesia, New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand; ca 2 species, one in India.

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