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Tinomiscium Hook. f. & Thomson

Woody climbers, with white latex; stems ferruginous pubescent when young. Leaves ovate or ovate-elliptic, entire, basally 3 - 5-nerved; nervules very fine, parallel, ridged above; petioles usually long, bent and swollen at base and often at apex. Inflorescence racemose, arising from old leafless stems, usually ferruginous tomentose. Male flowers: sepals 9, in 3 whorls, outer ones smaller; petals 6, with involute edges; stamens 6, free, opposite to petals; filaments flat; anthers longitudinally or transversely dehiscing; rudimentary carpels 3. Female flowers: sepals and petals as in male; staminodes 6, narrow; carpels 3; stigma lobed. Drupes 3 on discoid carpophores; style scar terminal; endocarp dorsally compressed, ventrally flat or slightly concave, rugose or rugulose, elliptic to ovate or subobovate, acute at apex. Seed oblong, flat, endospermous; cotyledons thin, flat; radicle short, cylindric.

Native of S.E. Asia, from Assam to Malesia; monotypic.

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