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Cocculus laurifolius DC., Syst. Nat. 1: 530. 1817; Hook. f. & Thomson in Fl. Brit. India 1: 101. 1872.

Erect evergreen shrubs or small trees, up to 6 m high; main stem up to 12 cm thick; branchlets glabrous. Leaves elliptic or elliptic-oblanceolate, acute to occasionally cuneate at base, acute at apex, 7 - 11 (-15) x 3 - 5.5 cm, glabrous, stiffly chartaceous; basal nerves 3, strong, almost parallel to the margin beyond the middle of lamina; petioles 3 - 6 mm long. Male flowers yellow in axillary, single or thyrsoid up to 4 cm long glabrous cymes; bracts subulate, ca 1 mm long, frequently puberulous; pedicels ca 1 mm long; outer sepals 0.5 - 0.75 mm long; inner sepals ca 1 mm long; petals cuneate, emarginate at apex, clasping the stamens, ca 0.5 mm long; stamens ca 0.75 mm long. Female flowers: pedicels up to 5 mm long; staminodes 6, minute; carpels 3; styles slender, reflexed. Drupes rotund, ca 4 mm in diam., glabrous; endocarp with small curved aperture on both sides, finely ridged on dorsal surface.

Fl. & Fr. Oct. - July.

Distrib. India: Open forests, grasslands, river banks and plantations, up to 1500 m. Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka an Tamil Nadu.

Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Indo-china, S. China, Taiwan and Japan to Malesia.

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