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Friesodielsia van Steenis

Climbers. Leaves parallel-nerved, forming broken or indistinct loops, reticulations scalariform. Flowers bisexual, leaf-opposed or extra-axillary. Sepals 3, valvate. Petals 6 (3 + 3), valvate; outer larger than inner, flat or triquetrous, narrow, leathery, more or less spreading; inner much smaller, ovate-lanceolate or oblong, conniving over stamens and carpels. Stamens many, linear-oblong or cuneate, truncate; anther-thecae dorsal, remote; connectives flat at the top or slightly convex. Carpels oblong or cylindric, strigose; ovules 1 - 2, subbasal, ascending; style short, recurved; stigma subcapitate. Ripe carpels many, ovoid or oblong, stalked. Seed 1.

Africa, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Philippines; ca 55 species, 2 in India.

Literature. DAS, D. (1963) Studies on Indian and Burmese Annonaceae. Bull. Bot. Surv. India. 5(1): 93. STEENIS, C.G.G.J. van (1948) Bull. Bot. Gard. Buitenz. 17: 457 - 464.


1a. Pedicels of flowers ca 1 cm long 1. Friesodielsia fornicata
b. Pedicels of flowers 3 - 4 cm long 2. Friesodielsia khoshooi

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