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Mezzettia Beccari

Tall trees. Leaves with midrib broad and flat above, prominent beneath. Flowers small, fasciculate or umbellate. Sepals 3, small. Petals 6 (3 + 3), opening late; inner smaller than outer. Stamens 9 - 15; connectives truncated and concealing the anther-thecae from above. Carpel 1, flask-shaped; ovules 2. Ripe carpels elliptic or globose with hard walls. Seeds 2.

India, Malaysia and Borneo; ca 7 species, one in India.

Literature. HEIJDEN, E. van der & P.J.A. KEBLER (1990) Studies on the tribe Saccopetaleae (Annonaceae) -III. Revision of the genus Mezzettia Beccari. Blumea 35: 217 - 228.

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