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Sageraea elliptica (DC.) Hook. f. & Thomson, Fl. Ind. 93. 1855; C.E. Parkinson, For. Fl. Andaman Isl. n. 1923. Uvaria elliptica DC. in Mem. Soc. Phys. Geneve 5: 23. 1832. Bocagea elliptica (DC.) Hook. f. & Thomson in Fl. Brit. India 1: 92. 1872.

Large trees, glabrous. Leaves narrowly oblong, usually rounded and rarely cordate at base, acute at apex, 20 - 35 x 4.5 cm; petioles thick, ca 4 mm long. Flowers reddish; pedicels ca 6 mm long, with several bracts near the base. Sepals semi-circular, ca 4 x 5 mm, ciliate along margins, thick; inner ones smaller. Stamens 12 - 18; anthers extrorse. Carpels 3, ca 2 mm long; stigma sessile, capitate; ovules about 8. Ripe carpels 2 - 3, subglobose, ca 2.5 cm across, glabrous. Seeds 4 - 5 in 2 rows.

Fl. Feb. - March; Fr. April - May.

Distrib. India: Andaman Islands (based on Parkinson, l. c., no specimen seen in CAL, DD or PBL).

Notes. Wood heavy, straight, grained and elastic, used in Andamans for making boats and bows.

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