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Shrubs or small trees. Leaves large, usually glabrous; midrib prominent below; lateral nerves decurrent at the midrib. Flowers polygamous, extra-axillary, solitary or 2 - 3 together, sessile or shortly pedicelled. Sepals 3, free, imbricate. Petals 6, in 2 series, imbricate, free or adhering by edges, concave or vaulted, tomentose. Torus convex. Stamens numerous, short; connectives usually rhomboid at top. Carpels many, villous, uniovulate; style oblong; stigma usually capitate. Ripe carpels many, ellipsoid, shortly stalked. Seed 1.

India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia; ca 7 species, 3 in India.


1a. Leaves lanceolate, 12 - 15 cm long; pedicels 3 - 5 mm long with lanceolate bracts; outer petals valvate, inner imbricate 3. Trivalvaria kanjilalii
b. Leaves oblong-lanceolate, 15 - 24 cm long; pedicels minute with ovate bracts; petals of both series imbricate 2
2a. Flowers in fascicles on woody tubercles; sepals densely gland-dotted outside; petals unequal, outer larger 1. Trivalvaria argentea
b. Flowers solitary or in pairs; sepals silky tomentose outside; petals equal 2. Trivalvaria dubia

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