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Scandent or sarmentose shrubs, usually stellate pubescent. Flowers bisexual, rarely unisexual, terminal or leaf-opposed, in few-flowered cymes, sometimes solitary, yellow, purple or reddish brown. Sepals 3, often connate below. Petals 6 (3 + 3), free, sometimes connate at the base. Stamens numerous, outer sometimes sterile, ovoid or oblong, truncate or subfoliaceous; connectives produced at top. Carpels many, linear-oblong; styles short, thick; ovules many, 2-seriate, rarely few and 1-seriate. Torus depressed, pubescent or tomentose. Ripe carpels many, dry or berries, often sweet and edible. Seeds few to many, 1 - 2-seriate.

Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Indo-china, Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Philippines to New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand and Africa; ca 150 species, 10 in India.


1a. Flowers unisexual or polygamous 2
b. Flowers bisexual 3
2a. Flowers usually in cymes; sepals partly connate, not splitting irregularly, stellate tomentose outside 1. Uvaria andamanica
b. Flowers solitary; sepals connate, splitting irregularly, tuberculate outside 3. Uvaria eucincta
3a. Leaves densely hairy beneath 4
b. Leaves glabrous, sometimes pubescent when young 6
4a. Petals less than 1.5 cm long 9. Uvaria rufa
b. Petals more than 1.5 cm long 5
5a. Petioles ca 1 cm long; pedicels 7 - 10 mm long; ripe carpels oblong; stalks 1 - 1.3 cm long 2. Uvaria cordata
b. Petioles ca 6 mm long; pedicels 2.5 - 4 cm long; ripe carpels ovoid to subglobose; stalks 2.5 - 5.5 cm long 4. Uvaria hamiltonii
6a. Ripe carpels oblong-cylindric 7
b. Ripe carpels ovoid to oblong 8
7a. Stalk of ripe carpels 4 - 15 cm long 6. Uvaria lurida
b. Stalk of ripe carpels 1 - 2 cm long 8. Uvaria nicobarica
8a. Leaves not more than 10 cm long, reddish beneath when dry; pedicels ca 7 mm long 10. Uvaria zeylanica
b. Leaves more than 10 cm long, brown beneath when dry; pedicels 1 - 3 cm long 9
9a. Pedicels 1 - 15 cm long; petals ovate; ripe carpels biseriate, ca 3 cm long; stalk ca 4 cm long 5. Uvaria hookeri
b. Pedicels 2 - 3 cm long; petals rotund-ovate; ripe carpels uniseriate, ca 5 cm long; stalk 5 - 8 cm long 7. Uvaria narum

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