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41. Givotia Griff.

Trees, dioecious, stellate tomentose. Leaves exstipulate, petiolate, palmately 5 - 9-nerved at base. Inflorescences terminal or subterminal, paniculate, unisexual; male panicles long, female panicles very short; calyx-lobes 5, imbricate, unequal; petals 5, longer than calyx, cohering into a campanulate 5-lobed corolla. Male flowers: disc glandular, lobed; stamens 13 - 25, insertedon a villous receptacle, the outer ones shorter; filaments erect, connate below; pistillode absent. Female flowers: disc cupular; ovary 2 or 3-locular; each locule 1-ovuled; style short, bifid. Fruits drupaceous, 1-seeded; endocarp thin, crustaceous; seed solitary; testa bony.

Tropical NE. Africa, Madagascar, Peninsular India and Sri Lanka, 4 species; one in India.

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