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Aspidocarya Hook. f. & Thomson

Slender woody climbers. Leaves slightly peltate, ovate, entire, palmately nerved at base. Inflorescences axillary, pseudopaniculate. Male flowers: sepals 6 - 12 in 2 - 4 whorls of 3 each; petals 6, with inrolled lateral edges; stamens connate into a peltate synandrium; anthers 6, dehiscing transversely. Female flowers: sepals and petals as in male flowers; staminodes 6, linear; carpels 3; stigma reflexed, lobed. Drupes with flattened, scutiform endocarp, having a medium dorsal ridge and thin lateral wings; condyle absent. Seed straight, flat; endosperm fleshy; cotyledons oblong, thin, flat, foliaceous, divaricate at base; radicle short.

India (E. Himalayas), Bhutan and S.W. China (Yunnan); monotypic.

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