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Herbs, erect, prickly or often glabrous, annual or perennial, with yellowish juice. Leaves sessile, pinnatifid or sinuate-lobulate, glaucous; middle and upper ones elliptic-oblong; lower obovate or oblanceolate, toothed along margins, each tooth ending in a prickle. Flowers solitary, terminal or axillary, pedunculate, white, yellow or orange; flower-buds spherical, elliptic or oblong. Sepals 3, caducous, bearing a horn below apex. Petals 6 in 2 whorls, obovate. Stamens many, 2-loculed; filaments filiform; anthers linear, basifixed. Ovary ovate-oblong or subfusiform, unilocular; placentae 3 - 5, parietal; ovules numerous; styles very short or obsolete; stigmas sessile, radiating, 3 - 7-lobed; lobes opposite to placental strands. Capsules ellipsoid to oblong, 4 - 6-ribbed, prickly or not, dehiscing along sutures by 3 - 6 short valves in upper part; seeds numerous, subspherical or spherical, pitted.

American genus; ca 22 species, 3 species in India, introduced as weeds.

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1a. Flowers bright yellow; stigmatic lobes closely crowded together and appressed to styles at anthesis; styles inconspicuous. up to 1 mm long in fruit 1. Argemone mexicana
b. Flowers white, turning to pale yellowish with age; stigmatic lobes divergent and not appressed; styles conspicuous in fruits. 1 - 3 mm long 2
2a. Capsules lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate; sepal horns 6 - 8 mm long; leaves whitish green with prominent whitish tinge along midribs and veins 2. Argemone ochroleuca
b. Capsules subellipsoid to subfusiform; sepal horns 10 - 14 mm long; leaves pale green 3. Argemone subfusiformis

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