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Dicranostigma Hook. f. & Thomson

Herbs, annual or perennial, glaucous, with yellow juice and stout woody taproot; stems many, leafless and branched at lower part with alternate leafy bracts above. Leaves mainly radical, petioled, pinnatifid or pinnately partite, with distant rhomboid acute sharply cut segments and trifid terminal segments; stem leaves few, sessile, alternate. Flowers few on slender ebracteate pedicel, terminal and in axils of stem leaves. Sepals 2, ovate, 2-horned at apex, early caducous. Petals 4, in 2 whorls, orange or yellow. Stamens many. Ovary narrowly ellipsoid, 1-loculed with 2 parictal placentae; style stout, erect; stigmatic lobes alternate to placentae, ascending. Capsules narrowly cylindrical or linear, acute, dehiscing up to base by 2 valves, softly hairy or glabrous; seeds not cristate.

Himalayas and W. China; 3 species, one in India.

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