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Corydalis laelia Prain in J. Asiat. Soc. Bengal II, 65(2): 25. 1896.

Herbs, robust, erect, 30 - 50 (-60) cm high; stems stout, shiny, grooved, little-branched, arising from a dense cluster of slender fibrous fascicled roots; stem base surrounded by old petiole remains and scales. Radical leaves ovate in outline, biternatisect, 10 - 14 x 8 - 14 cm, glaucous beneath, glabrous; petioles 15 - 25 cm long, winged and sheathing at base; leaflets up to 4 cm long, deeply divided into linear or elliptic, acute or subacute segments or 2 - 5 mm broad teeth; nerves prominent below; petioles ca 5 mm long. Cauline leaves on shorter 1 - 3 cm long petioles. Racemes stout, many-flowered, forming branched panicles; lower bracts ovate, deeply pinnatisect into linear teeth, 1 - 2 cm long; upper shorter, linear-ovate, entire; flowers yellow, ca 1.8 cm long. Sepals ca 2 mm across, faintly laciniate along margins. Outer pair of petals with very broad dorsal crests projecting forwards beyond lips; upper petal 20 - 25 mm long, including 8 - 11 mm long straight spur with somewhat deflexed tip. Capsules cylindric to obovoid cylindric, ca 12 mm long, ca 2 mm thick.

Fl. & Fr. May - Sept.

Distrib. India: Streamsides in temperate forests, 2600 - 4000 m. Sikkim.

Pakistan, Bhutan and China (S. Tibet - Chumbi Valley).

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