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Talinum Adans. , nom. cons.

Perennial herbs or shrubs with stout roots. Leaves alternate, spirally arranged, sometimes lower most opposite, linear to obovate, sessile or shortly petioled, exstipulate. Inflorescences terminal, corymbiform, thyrsoid, racemiform or paniculiform. Sepals free or shortly connate, ovate, deciduous. Petals 5, red-purple, withering or sometimes persistent. Stamens 5 - many. Ovary superior; styles 3-armed. Capsules globose or ellipsoid, mostly 3-valved or irregularly dehiscing. Seeds many, tuberculate or ribbed or smooth, shining, with caruncle.

Native of America and South Africa, ca 50 species, a few species are now pantropical. 2 species introduced and naturalized in India.

Literature. NYANANYO, B.L. & J.D. OLOWOKUDEJU (1986). Taxonomic studies in the genus Talinum (Portulacaceae) in Nigeria. Willdenowia 15: 455 - 463. POELLNITZ, K.V . (1934). Monographie der Gatting Talinum Adans. Feddes Repert. 35: 1 - 34. ROSE, J.N. & P.C. STANDLEY (1911). The genus Talinum in Mexico. Contrib. U.S. Natl. Herb. 13: 281 - 288. TOLKEN, H.R. (1969). The genus Talinum (Portulacaceae) in Southern Africa. Bothalia 10: 19 - 28.

1a. Leaf apex apiculate 1. Talinum portulacifolium
b. Leaf apex emarginate or mucronate 2. Talinum triangulare
(According to Hutchinson & Dalziel (Fl. W. Tropical Africa I, 1: 136. 1954) these two species are very similar and almost indistinguishable morphologically and the only character that distinguishes them is the leaf apex. Nyananyo & Olowokudeju (l.c.) have found differences on the basis of palynology, seed morphology and leaf anatomy). 0

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