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Myrtama Ovcz. & Kinz.

Shrubs, erect, glabrous. Leaves sessile, elliptic-lanceolate, or elliptic-obovate. Flowers many in lateral or rarely terminal racemes, bracteate, bisexual. Calyx 5-lobed; lobes ovate, triangular-ovate or oblong-ovate with scarious margins. Petals 5, obovate to obovate-oblong, persistent. Stamens 10, alternately long and short, persistent; filaments slightly dilated at base. Disc almost obsolete. Ovary pyramidal with obscurely 3-lobed, capitate, sessile stigma. Capsules elongate-pyramidal. Seeds many with stipitate coma.

A monotypic genus distributed in W.Himalayas,S.W. Russia and W.China.

Notes. The genus Myrtama Ovcz. & Kinz. had in the past been treated as Myricaria Desv. sect.Parallelantherae Niedenzu in Engler & Prantl, Nat. Pflanzenfam. 3, 6: 296. 1895 and Myricaria Desv. series Elegantae Bobrovin Bot. Zhurn. 52: 930.1967, p.p. The genus Tamaricaria Oaiser & Ali (Blumea 24: 154. 1978) described based on the same type as that of Myrtama Ovcz. & Kinz. is an illegitimate name.

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