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Annual or perennial herbs, shrubs or small trees; branchlets terete or 2 - 4-angled, glabrous. Leaves simple, sessile or shortly petioled, opposite-decussate, rarely whorled, entire or gland-fringed, lamina with transparent glands containing essential oils and sometimes black or red glands containing hypercin or pseudohypercin. Flowers yellow, homostylus, solitary or in terminal monochasial to dichasial cymes or panicles. Sepals 5, quincunical or rarely 4, decussate, coriaceous to chartaceous, glandular-puntate like leaves, caducous or persistent. Stamens 1 - 60, free or variously united, epipetalous, caducous or persistent; filaments slender, free or connate; anthers yellow or reddish, dorsifixed, connective often with black or amber gland. Ovary 1 - 5-locular, with parietal, axile or pseudo-central placentation; styles 3 - 5, free or connnate, slender, often recurved at apex; ovules many, rarely few on each placenta. Capsules septicidal or dehiscing along placenta when unilocular or indehiscent. Seeds 1 - numerous, curved, cylindric or ellipsoid, sometimes winged or carinate with testa prominently to obscurely striated.

Cosmopolitan, rare in Australia; ca 400 species; 25 in India.

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1a. Shrubs 0.6 - 2.5 m high 2. Ascyreia
b. Herbs 5 - 7.5 cm high 2
2a. Stamens in 3 fascicles; ovary 3-locular with axile or obscure parietal placentation; valves of capsules with vittae or vesicles 3
b. Stamens in 1 fascicle; ovary 1-locular with parietal placentation; valves of capsules without vittae or vesicles 3. Brathys
3a. Plants puberulous to pubescent; sepals glandular ciliate margin of petals without gland dots 1. Adenosepalum
b. Plants glabrescent to glabrous; sepals not glandular ciliate; margin of petals with brown to black gland dots 4. Hypericum

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