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Garcinia atroviridis Griffith ex T. Anderson in Fl. Brit. India 1: 266. 1874.

Trees, 12 - 18 m tall, graceful; branchlike robust, terete, smooth; bark black or Wackish when dry. Leaves 12 - 25 x 5 - 8 cm, oblong-lanceolate, cuneate and narrowed into a marginated petiole at base, shortly acuminate at apex, thickly coriaceous, dark green, shiny, midrib prominent below, lateral veins ca 40, spreading, ca 4 mm apart, anastomosing near margin with a fine intramarginal vein; pedicels 15 - 25 mm long, reddish. Male flowers: sometimes panicled, on up to 17 mm long peduncles; pedicels 7 - 20 mm long, unequal. Sepals 4, fleshy, concave, subequal, outer pair 15 x 9.5 mm, orbicular or transversely oblong, inner pair 16 x 11 mm, broadly oblong or orbicular, margins thin, streaked with red inside. Petals 4, blood red, orbicular-obovate, concave, fleshy, apex recurved, larger than sepals. Stamens indefinite, forming a globose mass; filaments slender, inserted in whorls on a thin, annular, fleshy receptacle, almost equalling anthers; anthers narrowly oblong, bilocular, dehiscence longitudinal. Rudimentary styles cylindric; stigmas large, convex. Female flowers: Terminal, solitary, rarely paired, ca 3 cm in diam. similar to male flowers; pedicels ca 2.5 cm long; petals smaller; staminodes small on a thin, fleshy, wavy annulus surrounding the ovary. Ovary oblong, smooth, subcylindric; stigmas fleshy, sessile, convex, edges undulate, deep red, minutely tubercled, broader than ovary, peltate. Berries 8 - 10 cm in diam. globular, yellowish-green, base slightly 9-sulcate, crowned by concave, ribbed stigma; outer rind firm textured; pulp thin, translucent, surrounding seeds.

Distrib. India: Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

Myanmar, Thailand, Malay Peninsula and Malacca.

Notes. The fruits are said to be edible; used as a fixative with alum in dyeing silk fabrics; the sour outer rind is used in preparation of curries. A decoction of leaves and roots is used in the treatment of ear aches.

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