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Garcinia keenania Pierre, Fl. Forest. Cochinch. Fasc. 6: 8, t. 92 G. 1883, 'keenaniana'.

Shrubs or treelets; branchlets moderately thick, tetragonous. Leaves 7 - 11 x 2.8 - 5 cm, oblong, round or slightly narrowed into a petiole, shortly acuminate at apex, acumen 5 - 10 mm long, coriaceous, glabrous; midrib slightly canaliculate above, lateral veins ca 36 or more, conspicuous above, obscure beneath; petioles 6 - 10 mm long, rather thick. Male flowers not seen. Female flowers: In axillary, umbelliform cymes; ca 7 mm in diam., white, scented somewhat-like those of oranges; pedicels ca 5 mm long. Sepals minute, 4 in subequal pairs, outer pair 1.5 mm in diam., inner pair 3 mm in diam., all orbicular, concave with membranous margins. Petals 4, white, small, 4 mm in diarn., longer and thinner than sepals, many-veined, orbicular or slightly oblong, concave. Staminodes absent or sometimes many, minute. Ovary globose, bilocular; stigmas fleshy, convex, margin repand-undulate, rather large, coronate. Fruits not seen.

Fl. & Fr. April - Sept.

Distrib. India: Assam (Cachar).


Notes. Not recollected after its type collection in 1873 R.L. Keenan s.n. (Type K!). It seems to be a good species, but can be determined definitely only after collecting and studying male flowers and fruits.

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