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Garcinia nervosa Miq., Ann. Mus. Bot. Ludg.-Bat. 1: 208. 1864. G.andersoni Hook. f., Fl. Brit. India 2: 270. 1874; N.G. Nair in Geobios 4: 221. 1977.

Small trees, 3 - 6 m tall; branchlets slender, ca 2 cm in diam., 4-angled with 2 angles flattened, almost winged when dry; latex white or yellow. Leaves very large, 9 - 15 cm wide, sometimes broader (up to 22 cm), oblong-lanceolate, narrowed to rounded at base, shortly acuminate at apex, margins recurved, dark green, glossy above, pale yellowish below, thickly coriaceous, midrib angular beneath; lateral veins 17 - 20 pairs, prominent, anastomosing into a strong intramarginal vein, interspaces prominently reticulate; petioles 7 - 10 mm thick, stout. Male flowers unknown. Female flowers: many in fascicles, ca 2 cm in diam., yellow, greenish-yellow or white, globose; pedicels very stout, tapering towards base, seated on a subglobose, axillary cushion. Sepals 5, pale yellow, 3 - 5 mm across, rounded or orbicular, ciliate, pubescent outside, imbricate, coriaceous or leathery, concave, outer 2 smaller. Petals 5, 8 - 12 mm across, rounded or orbicular, concave, imbricate. Staminodes 5, alternating with disc lobes, 2 - 3 mm long, with 4 - 6, reddish, minute, sterile anthers. Disc 5-lobed, fleshy, pitted, ciliate 3 - 4 mm across. Ovary ovoid or globose, conical, 5 - 10 x 4 - 6 mm, glabrous; styles very short; stigmas reddish-yellow, 2 - 4 mm across, 5-lobed, divided to the base into linear or oblong, obtuse lobes. Berries pomiform, usually 5-loculed, crowned by stigma.

Fl. & Fr. May -Aug.

Distrib. India: In dense mixed forests, sandy-loam, clay or rocky loam at almost sea level to 175 m. Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Singapore and Malaya.

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