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Clusia rosea Jacq., Enum. Syst. Pl. 34.1760.

Eng.: Pitch Apple.

Small trees or shrubs up to 20 m tall; latex yellow. Leaves 9 - 23 x 6 - 15 cm, obovate obtuse at base, rounded, truncate or emarginate at apex; petioles 1 - 2 cm long. Flowers large, 8 - 10 cm in diam., solitary or in 3-flowered, cymose clusters, usually pistillate only. Sepals 4 in dissimilar pairs. Petals white, turning pink or with rosy streaks; 6 - 8,3 - 4 cm long, obovate, Staminodes connate into ring round ovary. Capsules 5 - 8 cm in diam., globose, dehiscent, yellow. Seeds with red aril.

Notes. Cultivated in Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore, Karnataka (Seetharam, Y.N. in The Lal Bagh J. 24(3): 3. 1979).

Native of central America.

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