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Clematis tongluensis (Bruehl) Tamura in Acta Phytotax. & Geobot. Kyoto 19: 71. 1962. C. montana var. tongluensis Bruehl in Ann. R. Bot. Gard. Calc. 5: 74. 1896.

Climbing shrubs; branches glabrous or puberulous. Leaves usually opposite, occasionally clustered at nodes, pinnately 3-foliolate; leaflets elongate-ovate or ovate-lanceolate or broadly ovate, simple or 2 - 3-lobed, sparsely puberulous on both surfaces. Flowers solitary, axillary; pedicels 12 - 25 cm long. Sepals 4, spreading ovate-acuminate, 4 - 6 x 1 - 2 cm, generally glabrous outside, with a broad tomentose border, hairy all over inside or rarely sparsely hairy inside. Filaments glabrous; connectives not produced; anthers purple. Achenes broadly ovate, compressed, hairy, with ca 3 cm long feathery tails.


1a. Branches puberulous; leaflets broadly ovate; sepals sparsely hairy inside; achenes larger 29.1. khasiana
b. Branches glabrous; leaflets ovate-lanceolate; sepals hairy inside; achenes small 29.2. tongluensis

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