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1a. Flowers in subterminal umbellate corymbs; ovary half inferior 6. Anneslea
b. Flowers axillary, solitary or in fascicles; ovary superior 2
2a. Flowers unisexual; fruits subglobose, ca 5 mm in diam. 8. Eurya
b. Flowers bisexual, sometimes unisexual; fruits ovoid, globose or subglobosc; more than 10 mm in diam. 3
3a. Flowers generally unisexual; stamens glabrous; anthers longer than filaments; fruits 1 - 4-seeded 9. Ternstroemia
b. Flowers bisexual; stamens pubescent; anthers equal or shorter than filaments; fruits few to many-seeded 4
4a. Leaves without translucent margins; ovary 2 - 3-loculed; anthers pilose; styles not constricted at base; fruits few-seeded 7. Cleyera
b. Leaves with translucent margins; ovary 3 - 5-loculed; anthers hispid; styles constricted at base; fruits many-seeded 5. Adinandra

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